Special live demo of Digital voice over VHF.

Add it to your calendars. Feburary 10th Club meeting starting at 1300 @ APD Sub Station on Ellison across the street from Cibola High School.

Presentation given by Lary Goga titled " Free DV – Digital Voice for the HF Bands."

For you cheap hams! It is totally free.

FreeDV is unique as it uses 100% Open Source Software to provide a Digital Voice communications mode for use on the HF Bands , including the audio codec. No secrets, nothing proprietary and it’s all FREE! FreeDV represents a path for 21st century Amateur Radio where Hams are free to experiment and innovate, rather than a future locked into a single manufacturers closed technology. And just so you know, this mode is not without its own level of controversy just as in the starting days of SSB. All will be revealed during the presentation including a demonstration of the encoder/decoder software.


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