Who: The Amateur Radio Caravan Club (ARRC) and Jim Holston W9FFR

What: The ARCC is presenting a basic, introductory course on receiving and

sending CW via Morse Code. The instructor will be Jim Holston W9FFR

who at one time used to send CW for the ARRL.

When: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM on Sunday the 10th, the 17th, and the 24th of February


Where: Faith Lutheran Church

10000 Spain NE (between Eubank and Juan Tabo)

Why: CW is fun by itself, but CW operators enjoy more of the spectrum for

even greater Ham fun.

Other info:

o This first class will be limited to 20 students, so register early by

sending an email to abqARCC

o Family members welcome!

o There is no tuition for the course.

o Students are asked to bring a practice key and a code practice oscillator

(CPO) or a combination rig if possible (not necessary for 1st class)

 A rig with volume control and a headset would be very helpful

 The MFJ557 complete rig is available at Universal Radio for ~40$

 Many CPO kits and practice keys are available on the WWW from 735$

 Ask around to borrow a rig or check the upcoming tailgate for a deal.

Scott Webb N5SQR (N5SQR at

Albuquerque, NM (DM65rd)

H: 505-615-4028 M: 505-730-5162


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